Ageless Mind
Does that little voice in your head stop or distract you from attaining your dreams? (We all have it).
As humans, we are programmed to instantly make up stories about what every event in our lives means, then act as though the story we made up was true. Our minds are like digital hard drives that automatically records the meaning we give to an experience in life at the same time it records the actual experiences. We can’t help it. And every time something similar happens, that original story gets reinforced, again and again, until it becomes an auto-pilot response to similar situations. They become part of our sympathetic and neuro-sympathetic systems, our fight-or-flight process. Those stories can hold us back as adults, even though they were installed in us during an event that happened to us when we were young!

Letting go of those stories unleashes powerful growth in us and can make us unstoppable in creating the lives and businesses we’ve only dreamt about.
Building a AgelessMind is the first step in the coaching journey. Are you ready to start building today?


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