Speaking Clearly
Drawing from his experience as an entrepreneur, coach, and personal development sojourner, John custom tailors all of his presentations specifically for your group, organization or company. 
John’s passion is helping people and organizations live into their fullest potential. His tools for discovery are the products of his broad work and creative experiences. His books include  “Learning to Fly; Lessons from a Real Life Superhero” about wholehearted engagement in work and in life, as well as “A Parent's Guide to Santa Claus: 101 Ways to Create Christmas Magic.” He is a speaker, coach, instructor, consultant, energizer and Dad, and brings all of his eclectic experience to bear on finding new possibilities for connection and engagement. His goal is to help people learn accessible, usable, and immediately actionable ideas that help them grow into their best lives.

His speaking topics include:

  • Creating retirement overflowing with energy, joy and fulfillment
  • Developing a bullet-proof mindset for dealing with whatever challenges you
  • Building the core foundations required to successfully start, grow, or scale your business
  • Next Beginning: Gaining clarity on where you want to go, and your best path forward
  • Resilience and Joy: A toolkit for facing whatever comes up without losing your joy
  • The Most Needed Employee Benefit: Helping your employees plan for a great retirement
Interested? To learn more about John's topics and how he can customize a presentation for your organization, click on the calendar below and schedule a time to talk that works for you.


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